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The Australian carbon credits scheme goes from bad to mad!!

So, killing camels for carbon credits is perfectly acceptable provided only that the emissions reduction by the curbing of their flatulence can be properly assessed.

The Reasons for Refusal of the application states:

The Domestic Offsets Integrity Committee (DOIC) advises that it has decided to refuse to
endorse methodology proposal Management of large feral herbivores (camels) in the
Australian rangelands (Ref: 2011FA001) because it does not satisfy the requirements for a
methodology determination specified in Section 112 of the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming
Initiative) Act 2011 (the Act).

I expect that after a program of installing measurement balloons to the rear end of feral camels and measuring their typical flatulence the application could be resubmitted.

Camel-Slaughter Plan Rejected for Australian Carbon Credits

A plan to give carbon credits for slaughtering camels, curbing emissions coming from their flatulence, was rejected by…

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What does Like mean, anyway?

Deb's Answers

Does it mean different things to different people? Does it depend on the platform? Does it send mixed messages?


You can’t always take it literally, people will like anything on Facebook. At least I hope they are just using as a shortcut to saying I agree or I understand, instead of actually liking the bad news or sad status they just liked.

Facebook also uses the word like to become a fan or follower of a fan page which tends to confuse people. When I share a link to a fan page and ask people to like the page, many just like the post instead of going to the page.

Goodreads lets you like reviews and lists (but hides the likes in an obscure place where it will likely get drowned out by other likes), but not comments.

Some people use Pinterest likes as a way to save an image…

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Engineering fun takes the dime – Alltop, the Kaw

College Football Discipline proves the Buckeyes? | BCS 2012 Season

''Ohio State Buckeyes men's soccer athletic logo''

”Ohio State Buckeyes men’s soccer athletic logo” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oklahoma Sooners iPhone wallpaper

Oklahoma Sooners iPhone wallpaper (Photo credit: xploitme)

NCAA Football, the franchise right next to NFL after the wannabes from around the globe in Cricket (IPL) and Soccer (Barclays’ Premierleague) is still run for amateurs ostensibly. In a not so predictable outcome however, blatant tips and tricks depending on cash prizes across the last 7-8 seasons of College Football and a sad scandal realising Penn State Nittany Lions in November 2011 ‘s near end of the season disclosures from Coach Joe Paterno has resulted in the College football franchise reacting with all the righteous indignation it could muster and unfortunately the signature penalties befell Ohio State where the Buckeyes had to pay cash penalties and get banned from any of the College Bowls.

The state of the organisation is such that perhaps Buckeyes were selected for being a non controversial yet signature end to the fracas diverting attention from the debate but the BCS organisation which continues to see an annual festival of tumult at the end of the season redefining old archaic Bowl selections only lending more credence to more calls for redefinition, The Ohio State Buckeyes would be standing out of the Championship Bowl as they perhaps would not have translated to a 12-0 record in any other division of BCS like SEC which carries more than half the Top 10 teams and gets to send its Champion to the BCS Bowl against the undefeated Notre Dame Fighting irish. Apparently despite the chirrupy sponsors and the large returning audiences, there still are more than enough worms in the woodwork as the Buckeyes stand out of all the four BCS bowls including the Fiesta , Orange and Suga r Bowls and even the Sooners (OK) and the Bulldogs (Georgia) still not sure of which bowl they will play in January arounfd the new year celebrations.

One really wonders though if even network audiences will bother changing the game again as the line up for the 2013 Bowls looks hot and sultry enough for the snow to melt and the College Athletics of US continue to prove the predominance and preponderence of networks and franchise equations holding their own in the middle of sport and allowing Sponsors to direct the future of the sport ( maybe advantageously) and neither the Illinois Illini or the recently Top 10 crowned incoming SEC tyros Texas A&M are complaining on the state of things even as Brian Kelly is still enjoying the thought of not preparing for Collin Klein’s KSU in the championship game, fighting with the SEC contenders he would instead be driving in the bowl game. 

Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo

Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sink or Swim

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The Two Bruces

If you read the Sunday papers like I do (Bruce likes to look at the comics and the Walmart flyers – I am trying to break him of THAT habit!)), then you know the primary reason for that edition is to sell you garbage you don’t need. Get over it, there is no news on a Sunday. They print that sucker days in advance. The only thing remotely news worthy are the sports scores so you can see how much you now owe your bookie.


As we mentioned earlier, it’s just to sell you stuff. Do you think all this “new” technology is making your life better? OK, altogether now, a big, emphatic NO! Of course not. It’s what keeps whatever is left of our economy moving until we can find another war. The sad part of it all is this stuff is made in China…as if we didn’t…

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