IPL in tweets: media partners, sponsors and the brand valuations

If you follow the brand valuations for the IPL here, you would note the vertical cliff between revenues after season 1 and season 2. Also, the same is likely to repeat again in season 3. However, most of us would find the pricing for outdoor/theatrical rights for IPL coverage which in fact may not cover public radio and is unclear about use of team logos etc, seems to have been a cheap affair for ESD. OR, if Lalit Modi has done his job right, then there is as of now a very minimal revenue share for the TV network, the teams and the On ground sponsors are also getting away scotfree..it probably would be a very tightly monitored roll out as all the stakeholders would want to be visible and / or paid for the game in action and the real brand value would probably factor in this roll out of IPL at even 10 times the bid of INR 3300 crores at the very least.

Apart from this, team revenues would also need to rise vertically again for season 3 as time for rebidding is close at hand and some voices will already be contemplating new team mates in the pits. If not, trading is likely to get very ham handed despite the adding teams in during seasons 3 and 4

Here are the few tweets about the rights being granted and what has been happening:

What are the revenue share arrangements for ESD? and ESD with Mall/Theatre operators? MSM pays 80% to IPL till season 5, 60% till season 10

As per GoI broadcast Ministry rules all DTH providers have to get the channels from MSM, now if ESD uses at theater?

Big TV had earlier pulled out of a on ground sponsorship whn Airtel earned on-air DTH rights from MSM, Coke has on-air rights, Pepsi on grnd

MSM had earlier paid $1.79 billion to IPL for telecast rights for 10 years and the 160 cr settlement later for season 2

ESD would thus control IPl coverage in cinema, stadia and other public places for 10 years..they should pay the TV ntwrk used for broadcast?

Entertainment Sports Direct wins IPL ‘theatrical’ rights for $71.7mln till 2019 from Season 3 on, That means TV networks would now bid again

Lakers shining the Suns! At least NBA fans in India are happier with the new ESPN India imports

The Sales numbers from Apple $AAPL though their self congratulatory notes don’t sound too polished http://ping.fm/DESi9


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