Playdom, Zynga To Make $200 Million This Year

zyakaira notess: Early mid year estimates had indicated $100 million for Zynga of “Farmville”, Texas Hold’em and Mafia Wars across facebook and myspace. Now this is likely to be revised up by a few percentage points for zynga alone…Now you know why Tweetmeme and Twitterfeed are so conjoined with  Twitter. Let’s hope this pans out ‘socially’. Other animation/gaming players like Rock you and Zynga and Playdom all have $100m each in funding and by current engagement rates are likely to fare equally well for the PE involved in each case…long time to go before natural selection burns a few holes..

Even if the Virtual world envisaged with Dubai World comes to a nought, facebook and twitter are not doing so badly after all. Tweetmeme and Twitterfeed to name a few would have an even more significant overlap with the base ‘platform’ of twitter than the seemingly conjoined but really technology independent gaming networks and they are also on spinal tap.


Facebook Games Maker Zynga To Make $100 Million This YearNicholas Carlson|May. 1, 2009, 3:12 PM |

Mark Pincuss social gaming startup Zynga, which makes multiplayer games like the popular Texas Holdem for social networks Facebook and MySpace, is growing faster than you think.We reported in January that it closed $50 million in sales during 2008. Now BusinessWeeks Sarah Lacy says the startup has “annual sales of about $100 million, according to several people close to the company.”Most of that money comes from “the 2% to 10% of users who pay $1 an hour to play premium games or buy virtual goods.”Sarah says the other hot startup in social gaming is Playdom, which generates about $50 million a year in sales.

via Facebook Games Maker Zynga To Make $100 Million This Year.


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