Internationalisation works for Twitter

With DST having picked up a stake in both Facebook and zynga, Farmville and Mafia Wars would be part of more daily lives. After Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg(Facebook) and Mark Pincus(Zynga) may have risen, but their fortune will be shared among a more fortunate few like Scott Tozer and others behind DST Technologies

Here are some recent Facebook and Twitter stories defining their early impact. Twitter has started testing its contributor feature to allow brands and businesses to set aside a permanent budget for Twitter and Facebook in their business. It will take a lot of business to keep steering this network esp as not just Asia and Eastern Europe is taking more to these networks but also because it is intuitively appealing to all age groups and takes a considerable bit of your time in the ‘daily diet’

Playfish has already gone to Electronic Arts for $300 million and Playdom (Mobsters II, Farm Town, Godfather/II) is also well funded for the next boom

If you are looking for Scott Tozer, he is on Facebook too, listed as Consultant / Partner Associate in DST
[picapp align=”none” wrap=”true” link=”term=Facebook&iid=6752774″ src=”1/0/7/5/CPTJOBSSITES_5df7.JPG?adImageId=8358934&imageId=6752774″ width=”190″ height=”250″ /] [picapp align=”center” wrap=”true” link=”term=Social+gaming&iid=290034″ src=”0286/fcac9e71-a252-4c34-b546-a75e6721b6e0.jpg?adImageId=8360166&imageId=290034″ width=”190″ height=”269″ /]
Goia Albie asks people to pray for her before every interview Gaming is keeping populations busy (more to come than zynga)
[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=Facebook&iid=7009871″ src=”9/7/b/b/Justin_Timberlake_seen_ff7c.jpg?adImageId=8358805&imageId=7009871″ width=”190″ height=”289″ /] [picapp align=”Center” wrap=”true” link=”term=Lily+Allen+Pacific&iid=4441230″ src=”0/0/3/d/PicImg_EXCLUSIVE_Lily_Allen_f9d7.jpg?adImageId=8359975&imageId=4441230″ width=”190″ height=”300″ /]
Justin Timberlake plays Sean Parker in “The Social Network” Music (Lily Rose Allen)
[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=Social+Sites&iid=6749126″ src=”e/a/0/e/New_recording_on_4104.JPG?adImageId=8360194&imageId=6749126″ width=”190″ height=”128″ /] [picapp align=”Center” wrap=”true” link=”term=social+sites&iid=4749767″ src=”0/1/b/0/Aid_Group_Delivers_c1d7.jpg?adImageId=8357163&imageId=4749767″ width=”190″ height=”128″ /]
Dmitry Medyedev on his video blog Charity (Food for Children is active on Twitter with Oxfam and others)

Though this socialization is likely to get hotly contested later with a lot of productive time at stake, a digital future is no longer just a personal dream an corporations would find a way to make it a part and parcel of their employee and customer networks


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