The new C’s of January

The two new C’s beating the P and the G in Gillette or now called the ex-Folgers sanitary brand coy has failed to deploy the safety parachute as campaigns from Coke are likely soon flooding the market for this year’s numero uno position in Asia. Esp. with the Asian challenge fading for Coke as it is firmly established in China as well, In India it has further cemented the gold rush for the heat with a new mega celebrity , budgeted in Indian rupees campaign with cinekhiladi Akshay. Last seen in the Colors resurgence on the Indian terra firma, Akshay may still be the out-first export from Bollywood for non Indian audiences or diaspora with 2010 establishing a second decade for innovative, market-aware Coke-worthy marketing and most of it corresponding to the Indian desi heady rush without the Ramesh Chauhan fights early on.

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Coke+ad&iid=3327223″ src=”1/0/b/6/Lets_Have_A_aab5.jpg?adImageId=8919129&imageId=3327223″ width=”234″ height=”305″ /]

Also, the second C that got the gall of the razor was Canon which beat doomsday prediction for the recession friendly retail industry with a 35% uptick in budgeted targets for cross RS 1000 crores or $238 million this year riding a new market aware Xerox and Photograhy products campaign. Here’s to the new Cs..there are enough jobless students out there to absorb a lot of additional Cs in the marketing software.

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