The Draft: Cadbury’s Sponsorship budgets, Obesity and ANZ

Time Out, Cherry Ripe and Dairy Milk

This post is draft

1. in the midst of the sale


2. 2012 London Olympics

The Independent (After Lehman)

The confectionery giant Cadbury is to be one of the sponsors of the London 2012 Olympics.

The organising committee for the Games (Locog) said the firm would be a “Tier Two” partner by adding £20m to the £410m of private money already secured to finance the event.

The company, based in Bournville, Birmingham, will provide all the confectionery and ice creams sold at the Olympic Park in Stratford, east London. In recent years, it has sponsored the Sydney Olympics, in 2000, and the Commonwealth Games in Manchester, in 2002, and Melbourne, in 2006.

3. Coronation Street on ITV worth $18 bilion

Cadbury’s logged out in Nov. 2006 after 10 years with the 45 year old Granada mainstay
The independent

The on-air sponsorship ..start(ed) in September (1996) , to coincide with the introduction of a fourth episode of Coronation Street. The deal concludes months of negotiation by Cadbury for the right to be associated with the 35-year-old soap.

Cadbury’s longest Brand ‘Pillars’ (Singles since 1905)
10 out of 20 brands are leaders

The Chocolate Epic

Chocolate Hall of Fame
Many famous Cadbury brands have enjoyed considerable success. While Cadbury Dairy Milk® chocolate remains the most popular moulded chocolate bar in Australia, other rising stars are always joining the Cadbury Hall of Fame.
Cadbury Dairy Milk® (1905)
Cadbury Dairy Milk was launched in 1905 after more than four years of research and the introduction of new production processes. Cadbury had been determined to develop a new chocolate to challenge the competition from European manufacturers.
Its delicious new recipe using fresh milk, had a unique flavour and smooth, creamy texture. With its now famous glass and a half of full-cream milk in every 200gms, Cadbury Dairy Milk contained far more milk than any previously known chocolate.
By 1913, Cadbury Dairy Milk had become the company’s best selling line in Britain and in the mid-1920s became the brand market leader, a position it holds today. Cadbury Dairy Milk sales are valued at around $85 million per year.
Despite advertising and label changes and considerable strides in manufacturing techniques, the recipe for Cadbury Dairy Milk is still basically the same as when it was launched more than a century ago.
Cadbury Milk Tray™ (1915)
Cadbury Milk Tray has maintained its popularity in a changing world since the milk chocolate assortment made with Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate was first introduced in Australia in the early 1930’s.
The name ‘Tray’ is derived from the way in which the original assortment was delivered to the shops. Originally Milk Tray was packed in five and a half pound boxes, arranged on trays from which it was sold loose to customers.
The half-pound deep-lidded box with the traditional purple background and gold script was introduced in the late 1930s.
Milk Tray has been available in a various pack sizes from 125g-750g. In 1998, six new Milk Tray pack designs were introduced in all sizes – including a heart and stars – marketed as gifts for all occasions.
Cadbury Roses® (1938)

Designed to compete in the ‘twist-wrap’ chocolate market, Cadbury Roses is the current number one boxed chocolate brand in Australia.
Within a year of 1938 launch the Roses milk and plain chocolate assortment became one of the company’s most important confectionery lines.
With its eye catching blue packs and tins, distinctive red and yellow roses and range of twelve different attractively wrapped chocolates, Cadbury Roses continue to capture the imagination of chocolate lovers of all ages.

Chocolates fighting obesity


Cadbury New Zealand today announced it has become the official treat provider of the New Zealand Olympic Teams for Vancouver 2010 and London 2012.

This sponsorship partnership will also provide financial support for our Olympic Teams and enable the New Zealand Olympic Committee to athletes by taking care of costs such as travel and training so they can focus on becoming the best they can be and put in sensational performances inprovide athletes with the resources they need at Games time to excel. 2010 and 2012.

Cadbury New Zealand Managing Director, Matthew Oldham, said Cadbury is incredibly excited and proud to be a Partner of the New Zealand Team for the upcoming Winter and Summer Olympic Games.


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