The 2010 ‘Marathon’ Calendar | Advantage sports

A Colts vs Vikings Superbowl

It’s a Colts vs Saints Superbowl. Both teams had a near perfect record in the league stage. However Saints in their first Superbowl have a Brilliant Drew Brees to start and one of two teams in the Championship with more than 400 Yards. He is also 1 TD and more and 5 Interceptions less than Peyton Manning

At $2.6 million per 30s spot, all available slots except 2-3 in the final quarter have been sold out. CBS is presenting the bowl, while Intel is hosting the post game show with a new campaign similar to the “Sponsors of Tomorrow” meme.

Roughly more than a 100 million people watch the Superbowl, and it is a marketing event to loof forward to. Pepsi withdrew from it citing a different way forward than the “punch in your face” Superbowl ads required to make an impression

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=Colts+vs+Saints&iid=1789120″ src=”c/f/8/d/Indianapolis_Colts_vs_781a.jpg?adImageId=9508919&imageId=1789120″ width=”380″ height=”265″ /]

IPL waiting in the wings

Mumbai Indian Shaun Pollock at a little golf

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=South+Africa+Cricket&iid=7532483″ src=”6/f/a/5/Joburg_Open_f1e3.jpg?adImageId=9509167&imageId=7532483″ width=”234″ height=”226″ /]

IPL of course has Coke and Vodafone taking the lead in marketers. The Vodafone Zoozoo campaign has taken most of the Top 10 spots in the current Livemint Synovate AdIndex analysis in Brand Recall and Reach. I am hoping the Bachchans with their Lux creme campaign will be there too..

A mini series between india and South Africa

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=South+Africa+Cricket&iid=5001210″ src=”9/d/0/6/PAKISTAN_V_SOUTH_89cd.JPG?adImageId=9509175&imageId=5001210″ width=”380″ height=”232″ /]

With Dhoni and Sehwag shining in spots and Dravid and Tendulkar resting after a very long innings it is a good time for test marketing a couple of new campaigns.

and an Australian Open final without Nadal

At the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne

Australian Open did lose Qantas after 23 years, but KIA Motors has affirmed sponsorship till 2013. Their live radio feed is pretty useful too. Australian Stars go for as little as a $100K Dollars ( 1A$ ~ 1USD ), the highest being $450K for swimmer Graham Thorpe. The Aussie open gets 500K spectators and the KFC big bash less than 200K.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=Federer&iid=7655485″ src=”4/f/0/2/Sports_News_0005.jpg?adImageId=9509317&imageId=7655485″ width=”234″ height=”159″ /]
[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Australian+Open&iid=7665917″ src=”1/2/4/e/2010_Australian_Open_87be.jpg?adImageId=9509224&imageId=7665917″ width=”200″ height=”284″ /]
[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=Zheng+Jie&iid=7665148″ src=”c/9/3/0/GRAPHICSTENNISAUSTRALIAN_OPENZHENG_JIE_b2fb.jpg?adImageId=9509389&imageId=7665148″ width=”234″ height=”144″ /]

More than 200 million viewers watch F1 across 200 countries while the Cricket games in India easily reach 20-25 million. IPL is expected to reach a domestic audience of 45 million again with an equal number internationally. The F1 tour starts in March.


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