FIFA World Cup : The Coca Cola Way

The #86 South Africa kicked off the FIFA World Cup of June 2010 at Davos today, with the mascot Zakumi kicking the balls to the audience 🙂 Coca Cola is one of the title sponsors doing the 134000km trek with the Cup of joy, right now in Kuala Lumpur..

Coca Cola Company also sells a range of Vitamin Water and Gold Peak Iced Teas. Coca Cola’s advertising spend for 2009 topped $2.67 billion, running ahead of the combined Kraft and Cadbury spend of $2.25 billion. Coke’s budget is less than 1/3rd of the global spender P&G or 1/2 that of Unilever, but none of those two have any significant Title sponsorships or Sports Partnerships to their name.

The other FIFA Title sponsors are Adidas, Emirates, Sony, Kia (Hyundai) and Visa. These deals were signed in 2007 and expire together in 2014 for FIFA Partners

The five sponsors additionally for the 2010 Cup in South Africa include Budweiser, Castrol, MTN, McDonalds and Continental. Each of these deals are more than $100 million just for this event. Satyam was deigned the Official IT Services Partner along side in FIFA’s heirarchy for this as well as the Cup in Rio.

There is also a third tier of National Supporters that include Telkom SA and other South African Businesses.

COCA COLA’s sponsorship as FIFA Partner runs till 2022. Commercially, The FIFA partners had individual contracts, with Emirates paying $195 million for the two cups in South Africa and Brazil. Sony’s contract is worth $305 million excluding services and product leases

Well, that’s all for now..I’ve to pay my visits to the F1 and the Superbowl coordination as well, Bud is burning up the house this time I believe..(Bud spends less than $1 billion and mostly on Football by any other name, lol! – that beer gives me a kick. And yes, I look forward to Maan ka Khaana vs Akshay’s Coke thunder at the IPL

Aside #1: Since 1968 when Virginia Slims was created by Philip Morris, the female consumer has enticed and bedevilled market research. Current reseach shows that in the 48 years since 1960, The Moms have indeed come a long way, 3 out of 5 work, they get wed at 26 instead of the age of 20, and 2 out of 3 go to college and even though average “take home” has gone up 18 times, they still earn 77% of what men earn in comparable jobs in the workplace. (Courtesy: Ad Age, The rise of the real Mom,


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