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Facebook vs. Twitter series 22/800 : That buzz about social measurement

We all know a lot of Twitter’s AIR apps, dashboards and those mini apps make tweeting interesting with magical graphs. And Baseball and lot of the other big sport already think that’s the way to go for social measurement. And it has been around for 4 – 5 years now. gives me a nice surprise every week in my pulse stream, telling me which songs I have been listening to, esp. when I listen all day. But I think some of you might want to see a problem already. Just like this magical buzz sheet on mashable, giving Obama’s SOTU the thumbs down, because they counted the tweets.

The Mona Lisa
At least my problems is making people pay as a habit for my ware. And then to expect them to pay for a graph of count of Tweets, mentions, retweets is i think a little overarching in its fond hope. These will have to remain free bauble. Trends are great place to start. And measuring my real engagement is tricky. So kudos to Postrank on the latter part. That is an amazing solution, because it’s not off the top of the hat and it is measuring effectively. That’s where the money is. And advertising money? Why would that bother anyone – none, just that the social platforms are so into you and each habit or social meme you subscribe that you need more than faith and cost per click / page views. The talk of retiring page views is not so much absurd, it’s just that in the beginning all these simple things go a long way in helping you appreciate what has been right and what has been wrong in your setting up the account

Next time, the rant on numbers’ for numbers’ sake..keep counting.


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