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Now, it gets to a matter of personal choice. For love and for faith, we say it with flowers. Lilies, roses, Chrysanthemums, Exotics, Dailies, Fresh Stems, Bouquets and “brands”. People get stuck on their favourite corner florist ( I finally have one for me), people go to Virtual Flowers are selling a $1 billion worth ( All virtual gifts ) in the United States and World wide Virtual gifts are selling $5 billion. Wake up to that fresh smell of the best a dollar can get 🙂

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Colombia , Ecuador and Netherlands supply a lot of the flowers globally And among others, at least Canada has gone eco-friendly with the fair trade roses with certified working conditions fetching $3.99 and $5.99 prices based on the length of stem against $2.99 for the not so green, just beautiful flowers. The flora market was worth $77 billion at retail at the start of the year or $25 billion in wholesale, with Dutch Tulips and other bulbs from the pioneer European nation amounting to 15% of the global trade. China has 15bn sqft under flower cultivation, India 8.5 bn sq ft and Canada, Kenya, Korea, Taiwan, Newzealand a fair amount larger in output and export.

According to a Canadian government site, it can be as simple as $14 million dollars to grow a million sq ft in green houses and even a single city like Ontario has over 60 million sq ft in Flower beds. India and China started fairly recently in the 1990s and Asian markets primarily get served by New Zealand and Taiwan.

Happy Valentines’ Day!


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