College Basketball: Busy Season

GM was the title sponsor for 25 years for College Basketball before leaving in 2009. 400 student atheletes from each university and 40000 overall participate in College sports under the NCAA in the USA each year. March Madnessevery year is about the 65 NCAA teams competing in the Offseason. Next year it may be 96.

CBS has a 11 year contract canceling this year. Till now TV rights came for a mere $6 billion. The March madness gets audiences of up to 20 million compared to a 26 million for Obama’s recent SOTU. ESPN may be bidding higher this year.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=*&iid=7939566″ src=”2/0/5/9/NCAA_Basketball_UCLA_1e0f.JPG?adImageId=10320697&imageId=7939566″ width=”380″ height=”245″ /]

Busy Season! Bloomberg Tv also reports Google back in the reckoning for a Tv computing machine with a set top box while Buffet is doing a video as Axl Rose for the Geico Annual Day


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