One would have thought..

Sports sponsorships, typically bring to mind large corporations selling premium brands and products, esp because of the big-ticket expenses in purchasing and maintaining sports properties and the celebrities.

This poor cousin then surely has us foxed. Dollar General, with $6 billion in sales and 6000 stores went private in 2007 to KKR, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs’ GS Capital Partners for all of $7.5 billion, going public again last year for 30% premium over that. It may sound a big amount but it really represents a pretty small value in an Industry of Nordstrom and if you count Home self-help retail, much more. It still serves small footfall towns which are not eligible for a Wal-Mart in their area with many price points to the dollar. However Dollar General sells high quality goods and brands.

Carl Banks Teams With P & G To Officially Open Three Dollar General Stores

For several years, Dollar General has had a connection with Motorsports, particularly in NASCAR. The company is currently the primary sponsor for the #32 Braun Racing Nationwide Series team, which for 2009 is being shared by several drivers including Sprint Cup regulars Brian Vickers and David Reutimann. Dollar General and Braun have been partnered together since 2008, with the team previously sponsoring cars for Frank Cicci Racing and Kevin Harvick Incorporated. Dollar General is also active in the IZOD IndyCar Series since 2008, serving as the primary sponsor for owner/driver Sarah Fisher’s Sarah Fisher Racing team, and is the title sponsor for a Nationwide Series race held in Concord, North Carolina every fall.

via Wikipedia

It’s great to hear that and it’s a nice idea too. Maybe it’s true for NASCAR only yet, but it would be great to see sports unaffected by Companies going thru these ups and downs of the cycle as they come.


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