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One of my favourite papers since ADVANTAGES.US began its digital life, and its favorite op-eds recently titled the same story..and i had a revolutionary realisation. He’s got it. Of course Douthat was talking of America’s diversity and mysticism, and Krugman is talking of how we haven’t got the right reasons for the crisis ( No wonder, the kind of staff writing we see from their correspondents is hardly awe-inspiring) The tale of the crisis of course is a tale of excess and wretched blindness to any and every form of verification and validation of what is actually the event going down..but then here we are back to marketing…

There is a true world-wide epiphany going down. What we at Advantage Brands and Advantage Lifestyle called the Lifestyle Economy and you gave it a thumbs up at ADVANTAGES.US , showcases the near future ‘revival’ and basis of growth in consumption. It is the same consumption that is fueling the card meltdown but is the reason why America will come back, It is the same mass market consumption that defies the golden future of India and China, and it is the lack of the same mass market in Western Europe that is bringing new challenges to that continent. Not Welfare and mismanagement of public funds in subsidies and bailouts but great honest consumption..The facebook and zynga revenues alone could be proof, but there is a much bigger footprint of this Mass market animal in malls, media and entertainment purchases and bigger and larger spending from clothing, apparel and lifestyle brands around the globe.

The new innovation and the new business models will be tested against these consumption leaders to decide their final success and whether it is Tebow promoting the church or the NFL/IPL bonanza from the fans for playing brands, it is this – the mass market epiphany. Even the Non-Profits have increasing strength and access from this epiphany. One only hopes that the Internet is this time an active front line player in the mass market economics as it was not meant to be background material or infrastructure alone.


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