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Here’s the scoop from 2000 till even 2009. Electronic Billing saves you paper. Thus you save trees. Well, we are wrong. On fact according to Green Advocates, Institute for Sustable Communications, because both the paper making industry and the electronic media use electricity, they are almost equally criminal in wasting our green planet. So Abhi might have to change the Idea Cellular brand campaign and so many who claim digital campaign are earth shakingly green would have to rethink budgets.

Thugh numbers petain to the US, in this case, the Carbon footprint may not be very different globally despite the different redundant/ modern but non renewable sources of electricity production. Unless you are using solar and Wind energy . We think so.

The comparison : 75 billion units of Electricity (kWh) by the paper industry vs. 61 billion units of Electricity (kWh) by the IT Industry/media…

To catch the numbers, get yourself the Adage podcast on iTunes..


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2 Responses to Not really an idea | Advantage social

  1. Ross says:

    Ok…so they use the same amount of electricity.

    Which destroys forests and animals homes?

    • zyakaira says:

      Well, the electricity is produced by such forms that destroy forests and animal habitats, that is why the argument is called ‘tree washing’ like whitewashing… 🙂

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