A small step for Twitter, a giant leap for Tweetmeme | ToyotaConversations.com

Well, Tweetmeme try some British ‘hands’ at Ldy Gaga on thei rblog, singing a song and tweeting merrily on their first sweet success.

They have the troubled carmaker luckily in time trying out their new “Conversations Engine” by Tweetmeme (no pun on Pokerface) and social media esp. the deserving Twitter getting a leg up marketing & communications strategy. As I said earlier, myself, I would have budgeted 25% of my Marketing cash or Twitter out of the 30% for Digital for the corporation, not the 2010 average of 7%…

That still doesn’t mean Toyota know how to handle social media, but now it will be more visible to the Marketing frat and the digital world if they actually make sense. They have to be careful, forthright and innovative to maximise their win from the tweet-portal and they will not get a second chance in this medium.

Great work Tweetmeme. It is off to a good English Sunday start and I can only hope that you do get your coffee on time..every waking hour..I just got this carry from another social bob, If you can carry the retweet button in video, then why does the Video page carry tweets? I think it is more than a technical hitch if I go to a dashboard and cannot find the play button for Video news.

Hootsuite and Postrank have even more Corporate partners as of now, and among these 3, we do cover significant ground in the Top 100 brands. Will Twitter monetise this on a royalty basis? After all, for us who share their IP on Twitter, it is Twitter who should win too.

Anyhow, while those terms eventually get on the Tweetboard, I am sure Tweetmeme is also looking at enhancing their first generation product. Chirp should throw up some good plans in April next, this one probably just going into what great plans Twitter has for them.

Also it will take more than Pepsi, Toyota, Coke and P&G to bring this hi speed project into ready cash..


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