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Well SXSW, WP Barbeque and Twitter Ev keynote. Hoo boy! Sad it doesn’t sound half as exciting as the new Audi sales figures. It is a statement of the times that one should temper one’s social enhusiasm with some hard hitting nos. Well the numbers go east and west, north and south every minute, SO i believe it’s fair for you to know these. All due references would be avl elsewhere on this portal

I am in Top 0.1% of active Twitter users that is 19% of all registrations not deleted. Upto 8% twitter accounts are deleted every month, reasons ( i’m extrapolating, inferentiating and instancing for all of you) ranging from don’t know what this is to why me? to what am i doing here to more germaine.. geez, why did I choose that name 🙂

Being in the Top 0.1% means being in fair demand and actually fulfilling all those ideas you had when you came to sign on twitter – namely,

– someone would be reading you all the time, outside of your universe of friends, family and even twitter followers.
– you will be able to talk about yourself and your work ( it is not very easy till you have a sizable following for either of the two factors/ideas/aspirations)

Well, only 6 million of Twitter’s 25 million users are active and probably 25000 have more than 500 followers But with @anywhere this might change. As you need your twitter account to login to digg, maybe yahoo mail after a few months and whenever schools raise their fees, you’d want to login to sledge. This is other than the sports events, brand trails and the twitterlympics on any random topics that you might want to indulge in. Thierre Henry is a good topic as we pen this.

From 6 billion tweets in November 2009 we have already covered 10 billion in February 2010 and now we can add location, manage lists and look for it to discover any news and url we might be looking for. Apart from the 40% babble it engenders, twitter is quite a repository of social news and with us you get defined seminars on any and every subject that is of value on a day.

@anywhere actually envisions as a social journey rather than just a destination you park your browser on..that essential difference is the gamechanger. However much like its analytics which is more tweet count and follower counts than engagement, the users may be interested in not making their web a dynamic fluid experience everytime they log on..then the mountain must go to he/she.

That is an enormous challenge. But today I can reach my users and followers from anywhere on the web, just because i tweet when i have something to say. Isn’t that a new history?


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Investment Banker, 40s, Bangalore This Biopic and this web recreates how one point of view, one person can impact a tremendous economic engine that the world thrives and mis-thrives on. This one has the knowledge and the civil sense , the art of conversation and some good writing to mentor others as powerful and help global managers develop and fine tune their approach on US markets, China, India and the world. Read on here, and let me know what you need. It can be a race for TRPs, a race for new markets and a race to do what is right. I have the pulse of the crisis, the recovery and the market direction and can help you build and refine your strategy as i have helped thousands of managers and multiple global corporations. Of course, it’s more fun if you talk to me. I am in favor of leading this moving of the economic crisis and will partner with you in a soft and subtle way, just the way we both ride to the top. But you can write with us, opine and just reply with aplomb and shine on Twitter , 4 square , Facebook and any other social “choupal” of choice via zyaadakairaada Profile & Portfolio - SocialPicks Different flavours at:

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