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Facebook vs Twitter series 31/800

Facebook Developer Garage and probably many others would soon be targeted by marketing vuffs for the events they are. When the F8 is held later this month followed by Chirp on Twitter, the Location and Like arguments of Facebook will hit another crescendo and Twitter ‘s @anywhere will go gaga about the liking of all that you browse with the Like button from Facebook vs the social knit experience of @anywhere. What can we say – It’s a wonderful life. It actually could also make for more than a few lighthearted moments on the social boards, esp. if they start calling in landed celebrities and not so busy political movements to these dias’ or platforms. We have decided to call Social browsing, the time spent on Facebook Twitter and any remaining social networks, soon to include significantly your time on Amazon and the newspaper sites as @anywhere goes live and iPad gets more user friendly.

This social browsing, may perhaps not spearhead anything more commercial than its current state in the discernible future as some stronger brands start taking their social visibility more seriously with Cash approved during FB and twitter’s Celebrations last festive season ( The period Oct 2009 – Dec 2009 was the hottest for both the surviving networks) The next layer of recommendation engines incl. Foursquare may well be significant players on the iPad and maybe even a new reinvented Kindle, but the dollars would come from the brands and not the cognoscenti and the twenty somethings browsing their working time away.

It’s tiring really. Without its commercial value, any invention is only useful to its inventor and the social web would have to do more than press F8 to sing all the way to the bank.


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