The Jay Leno Show and Nielsen

Tv is back. Where did it go, you ask me? Well ask their accountants and they’ve had some sordid tales to tell these last few years. Not to mention the confusion over network signing up cable channels and disowning them even when big days like Oscars were around. Takeovers of NBC by a Cable Company. Fraud at another. superbowl sales being watched like a hawk for tell tale signs of recession. GM not signing some of its sports sponsorships again. Banks out of their favorite sports sponsorships. They all dealt a huge blow to Tv even as the side show on Pay walls continues to fuel the game of ad revenues versus content sponsorship..the latter being a concept we all want but with no way to monetize it. From the days of Buddy Holly when Cadillac Records showed the World how to mint money from music, everything else and music have been on show on Tv, on the networks. You reach audiences of 40 million across runs, re-runs and DVR recordings for time shifted viewing.

Jay Leno got ahead of Conan simply because the audiences wanted to call it a day earlier and now by September Conan will be back…$30 million a year for another Saturday Night Live..Viewers outside the US fall for Soap and Sports but also more business news content thant Stand up comedy, but that just shows they haven’t seen enough Tv yet..And then there is a dozen of those reality TV shows like American Idol and $6 billion from CBS to broadcast NCAA Basket ball for 11 years for ..behold.. 96 teams.

Here’s the amazing takeaway from a piece of Nielsen History

When Arthur Nielsen introduced the Audimeter (his first metering device) in 1936, there were only about 200 television sets in use worldwide. When the Nielsen national TV measuring service was established in 1950, the average American household that owned a television had only one set and received three network telecasts.

Also these American only contnet or Indian only Content all spliced by one You Tube and one ofr a lifetime of internecine fighting and back biting..with Jay Leno at 10 p.m. Content will win, not advertising.


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