Wow – The Apple on Main Street

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=Apple&iid=8574033″ src=”a/9/7/7/File_photo_of_7bb0.jpg?adImageId=12599160&imageId=8574033″ width=”117″ height=”109″ /]Well, Steve Jobs had his work cut out for him with the iPad launch and announcements taking his toll apart from health concerns during most of 2009. And one might even add, analysts linked to Apple and people like us had a harrowing roller coaster ride whether Apple would do 1 million iPads or 10 million, whether his $9 billion quarter would improve to $12 billion or another number and despite being in marketing, we looked on with eager interest, trying to open the envelope which would tell us how rosy our future is.

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=iMac&iid=1626170″ src=”b/b/9/f/PicImg_Macworld_Conference_0a52.jpg?adImageId=12599112&imageId=1626170″ width=”117″ height=”72″ /]The iconic Coca cola has given way to the bitten Apple without as much as a nod to Indra Nooyi’s Pepsi or the citi that never sleeps. In the brand sweepstakes, the Apple which spent a good three years battling the clutter on your desktop with usuriusly priced Macs has probably reached a turn where it will now define America, at the same time earning almost $1000 for every iPad it sells with an almost $250 in profits. And the way they are picking up the candy, the customer almost wills himself to think he is buying a soda with his sandwich.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=iMac&iid=1463866″ src=”a/6/e/5/Apple_Unveils_Software_1126.jpg?adImageId=12599125&imageId=1463866″ width=”112″ height=”78″ /]The P&G mothers and the Walmart workers have given way to this commercial marvel, the iPad that sold 500,000 without 3G in the US in month 1, the iPod that still sells 10.9 million in 3 months, and  the iMacs that crown desktops giving Apple a head start into replacing all that has been America since Vietnam into an older version of the iMac to put away in the cobwebs. Made in America is now signed on screen n the iPad as you swipe your card for that loved one or give yourself a treat.

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Apple&iid=8557463″ src=”c/2/e/8/A_bionic_handling_c529.jpg?adImageId=12599148&imageId=8557463″ width=”90″ height=”147″ /]Did you miss the iPhone there? Well it is also doubling in sales , with $30 and more for AT&T as dividend but calling out the iPhone and the iPad starts to look like duplicity in mind and spirit now ( Did you check out the gizmodo scoop!) BTW, on the retail lifestyle front, the Big Mac is also back with double digit growth and $1 B in Quarterly profit, but already a third of what Apple can do..


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