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Are they indeed paying you a complement

Pioneers please clear up the trail. The bionic era is finally upon us and today we would be delivering our first few instant cloning products in a year or two for us early adopters to enjoy and ready for global consumption. The serious discussion on artificially creating/replicating life dna in a test tube aside, the social internet and China are also doing their bit to make seemingly complicated delivery channels a non issue by in your face copy cat products and close parallels..While the iPad already has iPed, a thinner Kindle, Android, iPhone 4g and AppleTv and Google Tv are reinventing almost simultaneously, not to mention distributed alliances making the same brand of goods while earning comparable profits for the same / different corporations. Nokia is soon crossing the rubicon into computing, Vaccines are reaching many more in the third world..there is that magic in the air that probably even says Apple will thank many more people from the stage when it produces the next innovation..

Somewhere out there next to faxed blueprints of iPhones and A5s there might also be a single copy of my brain/my genome ready to be mass produced much like Model T, the North korean nuclear deterrent and Ariel or any other P&G brand. The question is however not the thieving of that idea or iPad blueprint much though the Corporation might believe so. Man by nature gives more resources to what is already successful, and similarily that which has sold will likely sell as many copies as can be produced, commoditising its brand as much as we keep producing derivative markets for anything that sells. Even in a marketing sense, there are bound to be more uses for something that has already seen a customer.

What social and convergence technologies are also doing is enabling a quicker, more comprehensive first look; engineering a second chance for failed prototypes, failed markets and failed customers; and envisioning better and quicker ‘procreation’ rather than evolution and / or even [tbd] If someone is a Fritjof Kapra fan, one might even consider the crisis as a sure sign of an age where the limitations of currency and money are obvious, but even in the hard real world creation cycles are much shorter and carrying the same idea as another’s might no longer even matter for a complement let alone a book of this really that wondrous first step for a whole new species..

There’s more to convergence..

and Chris Andersen has already fit too much of it to the new tail.. and a hey, a ho and our favorite FREEMIUM..coming later on how we see this social revolution..


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