Brands become the new Cadillac Records | Advantage Brands

Adage has become very insistent on twitter with a catchall for the lifestyle brands McDonalds’, Coke and Pepsi fronting contracts with artists to give them direct visibility with new artists. While McDonalds has its own agency “Artists & Labels”, Coke has signed up Universal’s artist K’naan using his “wavin’ flag” adaptation for the $100m FIFA World Cup campaign.

Artists & Brands is also partnering with Rodney Jerkins, a legendary music producer and Music Attorney Daryl Jones. Pepsico America Beverages has roped in Green Label Sound to dig up mountains of consumer love for ‘Do the Dew’

“You’ll see through Green Label Sound the rethinking of ownership of music, a rethinking of how to monetize it, how to build the brand of an artist,” he said. “And I think you’ll see where it’s coming from artists, managers, record labels and alternative methods of funding — and brands will play an incredibly critical part in that.”

Shops like Music Dealers in B2B Music Licensing have stepped up to a staff of 30 in the last two years, while shopping for clients such as Maxwell House, Corona and GMC

Brand spends can definitely make much more sense with new artistes offering a life time commitment for just a snatch of dollars. According to Adage, the Coke song is already no. 1 in China, Mexico and Germany.  Social media is also likely to be an all pervasive influence giving these artists much to play for, and the intensity of the superlative reach might well translate into shorter tracks and thus jingles, with brands able to support artists directly.


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