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..the other stuff you need on Twitter itself. Yes, it’s still around and i’m still trying to put together 1+1 but it seems to me that we have something which could revolutionalise payments and revenue generation for twitter while keeping it free for me! Yes, according to ‘The Atlantic’ that slicing is well nigh possible and it got me thinking if Twitter will indeed attempt to make it happen. That is, a subscriber pays model for this veritable source of news and information which is more ubiquitous than the newspaper and even mandatory for Google to highlight.

Unfortunately for that to happen it still needs to mature as a platform. Because the underlying thought is that almost everyone brings something from his/her side to give to his Twitter feed and then reads up on twitter and vendors and payors cannot keep paying for the reader. But for those who think a payment wall is a viable answer, there is definitely a rethink coming too, because there are so many alternates available to the audiences that one medium cannot block itself out, especially when the news is the selling product. And thence asking the news provider to pay is also a tough call, advertisers are no longer going to pony up for a dry ride except in a few markers in India and China where also we’d rather it is a dry ride than suffer itinerant advertising in the content. I really cannot see a way out except a business model innovation that is not a surrogate of any of these earlier attempted ‘enviable’ ventures.

Healthcare’s answer of course was the public option, Canada’s option is complete in that regard, but then even Obama has made a start but it cannot be made in emerging markets unless at a very low cost. Similarily on Twitter we cannot expect providers to pay readers for reading the service and unless the twitter feeds are not ubiquitously available everywhere with the breaking news, it won’t pay the providers . Luckily, it does not seem likely that Twitter will die an untimely death with inane attempts at a making people pay thru the nose model and if your recession can at least be positive we can return to CDP financed twitter streams paid by the big corporations much like advertising in its earlier avatar, but definitely not by advertising. IT is a matter of time, we can’t say when.


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