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This is where Bloomberg caught it

Honda Motor Corp.’s campaign for its new CR-Z car features the hybrid vehicle in some colorful roadside billboards that can’t be seen from a freeway.

The ads are on display in Facebook Inc.’s virtual game “Car Town,” as Honda advertises on the social-network site for the first time today. The game, which allows users to collect and customize cars, has 3.1 million users. It was released on Facebook two weeks ago by Cie Games Inc.

Brands are turning to social networks to reach an audience with leisure time on its hands and the patience to sit through branded messages. Walt Disney Co., Electronic Arts Inc. and Google Inc. have all bought games makers in recent months to benefit from millions of users signing up to play.

Honda joins the august company of Starbucks, Pepsi, P&G and not to forget Coke’s brilliant virality as brand spends on social media increased by two times their 2009 budgets and the resultant Facebook executives are trying hard to keep all the gaming revenues on board as well apart from being one happy property for all brands seeking to reinventing their digital self. Most social brand offshoots are a distinct stream of thought and social conscious hoping to merge into their brands mainstream value for a ‘new me’ that is more persistent. Meanwhile even in conservative markets interactive product placement times and budgets are also likely to jump from $3.6 billion in the US and $600 million in Europe. (Europe has new laws on Product placement as designated by the common market execs).


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