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Steve Jobs for Fortune magazine

Image by tsevis via Flickr

Actually Apple re-wrote tech again in last week’s event and I still can’t deal with it. Because right now, we have to apply a wait and watch to any hardware technology based new marketing and lifestyle tools. With Facebook it was not a platform or a technology, even if there was, it was ubiquitous by its absence from user psychology. Steve Jobs, Apple, Ping, ABC and even the other networks that signed up with their largest shareholder’s hobby project, are more in the game of transforming the technology rather than Web 2.0.

Apple is usually more about design and Marketing whence both Ping and Apple TV ( which has till now been only a hobby project experimenting with a host of amateur video related features and owning the programming age of digital) are likely to be the talk of the town once they do get into their next phase as the friendly coaster in the living room to play with when fiddling around on iPhone or probably even a more refined choice of Apple gadgets for a marketing friendly and design friendly living room.

On the ebooks front, Kindle has been keeping its own too, so the war is still on the tech parts and user adoption is unlikely to ramp up to speed while it is so. i for one, don’t like my music to speak too much to me as it gets too intense and I’d rather it stays in the background even when it is my favorite tune. I am sure humans will never let tech invade their living room for tech’s sake.

Steve Jobs at the WWDC 07

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