A social round of beer

I'd go there tonight..for a taste of the ale with such good thoughts

My favorite Sam Adams pint may have survived the recession brilliantly but (and again thanks to bloomberg for letting me in on it ) there are greater marketing strategies afoot in the sector as the pint of beer goes the extra mile to lend a hand to locan artisans and handyman with microfinance loan. Featured in a blomberg usa series, the micro brewery in So Cal ( Oceanside Ale works  ) – also on Bloomberg’s facebook page, the small brewery is promoting itself with small loans for

An Imperial Pint of American craft beer

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locals in their trade while the Ale fills the other evening of their life..

The Bloomberg series is sponsored by Chase and the brewery is  offering a tasting room at the dorm with Brewmasters’ Special Ale and a dozen other flavours..

Samuel Adams (beer)

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