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BTW, Yahoo Marketers, we really hate the misuse of property in your Chevy showcase currently on for Marketing research’s confessions and confabulations

For techie bashers though i guess the problem here is some arcane and ancient mariner support technologies like script and php that have created this problem for years in mapping software as well..but really new age new troubles and new innovations have never been reduced to as absurd as these:

Thanks to Advertising Age for the “scoop”

Nielsen disclosed today that its online measurement system has been under-counting unique visitors to the top 1,000 sites on the web by an average of 5%, the latest in a series of problems for the company.

Read Nielsen’s note to clients.

Nielsen says sorry

Adage: Nielsen can't count on facebook

In a note to clients today, the company said that social gaming sites were most affected by the latest glitch. The note did not say how long the under-counting had gone on; last week the company said problems had impacted metrics over the past three months, but sources told Ad Age that Nielsen knew about them far earlier.

Last week Nielsen disclosed it had been seriously underestimating the amount of time people spend on the web because its system was choking on long web addresses — those with than 2,000 characters — which have become increasingly common during visits to social networking sites like Facebook.

That was the single biggest factor in causing Nielsen to underestimate the amount of time people spend on the web by 22%. In better news today, Nielsen said it had successfully tested a fix for that problem and that the fix would be implemented for November data

Other known tech snarls are also around script, with Flash ads that spread like on, carrying impactful brand messaging and activation mails or social media pushes that resembles the polar bears frostiness in welcoming thought ( like Coke )but then we could just get too tired thinking much about all these mere passing faults as facebook messaging rewrites email


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