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“I have a confession to make, Wabbit! said I. to which the rabbit did not reply, But I have not spent that much time on the great XLV this time around as a lot of the injuries and the “wok” in other markets kept me away( a lot of that was lack of work – hint) It seemingly does not matter to anyone as it is Marvin the Martian taking on Nike Jordan amidst all the cars ( Check the Advantage Brands home at and that drunk creäture bobbing ( if you take all the 5 Bud ads, the creäture would be the Bud can, which they can still animate if they want) its head in pride place.

The Superbowl seems to have sobered up with Go Daddy seeming inconsequential and not just Marvin the Martian but Marvel Comics itself bringing America’s family heroes to the couch in between all the 1st downs and turnovers which let Aaron Rodgers think if he has anyone left in the team to use his talent ( hint Packers vs Steelers) Of course the game might be tough with the Green Bay Packers working on their defense but the advertising has definitely got more heart in it. Avoid the viral stuff, is our last recommendation for this piece. Thanks Capt America fans for coming to the Superbowl.

Go Steelers!

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