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Content on the web, led by business news and analysis suffered another depletion in its ranks with the NY Times hitting the paywall method to generate subscription revenue.  While notable by its unpopularness and its capacity to remove creme de la creme brand loyalists and serious consumers off the sites like WSJ, FT and NYTimes, the method is the only source of revenue anyone in content has come up with. Most like the Kindle and iPad still rely on the free content from across the World Wide Web, as also yours truly to create and  survive our own brand and content. End of the road for serious browsing? Well, most of the magazine content in all 3 cases is available thru Facebook, Twitter and Google so I don’t even now if they should have tried it. We are not trying the paywall as it still looks like a readymade failure to us.

But that does not mean we have found a way to fill the revenue gap, right! And a payment of just $180 million for Adriana Huffington’s effort..I know where this one is headed..

And by the way all known business and daily newspapers in the UK and the US behind a paywall… nary a subscriber run, just the same owner, mostly!! 😦 And print editions have already lost steam no end.

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase’s take on the Paywall characterisation of readers and visitors seems most apt


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