Social Advertising: Facebook and Social Gaming breaks

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As this is a well timed wholistic review of social advertising, an update too many is already forcing me to change my headlines quickly to catch the right brands and the right market..Facebook’s own ad platform is delivering a 74% higher price in the second quarter over last year taking facebook revenues to nearly 3 times its Year 1 performance including the boost in volumes.

The platform already has four major markets defined in ad metrics measurement across US, UK, Germany and more. Twitter has continued receiving a dichotomy of value disinterest and PE investment overload as Biz and Ev finally put their mind to money after The Obvious corp’s good 5 years. But in the Social advertising category, Facebook is only one category, the other being social gaming , which though hosted on Facebook is likely to get its own brand ecosystem and its own advertising capture.

Social Gaming friendly brands go a lot for In game videos for their brands/ entertainment/movies and NEW PE funding for SupersonicAds ( a Facebook partner) underlines the same. Meanwhile zynga’s small wannnabe Crowdstar has picked up friendships with another video advertiser Jun group Note Page’s Google still does not figure in likely competition on the Social platform


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